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My hunt at Wolf Creek Whitetails was one of the most exciting hunts I have ever been on. I saw many large bucks and even passed up a few that were bigger than any buck I had ever shot. Jim & Matt had a ton of trail camera pictures that proved if patient and selective I was going to have a chance at a big buck and I did. I was lucky enough to harvest a beautiful 10 point. I even had a 150"+ buck in range but he never offered me a clear shot. Jim and Matt  are great guys, that have great accomadations and beautiful hunting areas. I had awesome encounters that have me excited to go again this year. It was a great trip that i will never forget and i would recommend it to anyone.
Josh Dean PA 

Welcome to WolfCreek Whitetails of Ohio.


Owned and Operated by

Jim Woodward and Matt Hopkins. 



100% Fair Chase


130 Class Minimum for QDMA


Semi-guided whitetail hunts on privately owned and managed land.


Our properties have prehung tree stands in high traffic prescouted locations.


90% of the bucks harvested at WCW have been taken out of our stands but you are always welcome to bring your own.