We have a long list of references that can be provided with phone numbers by request.


It was our privilege to have Tom in from the great state of IL. See what he had to say about us.

"Wolf Creek Whitetails of Ohio is THE place to go if you are interested in a high quality hunt for big, mature whitetails.

Jim and Matt are building something special here and know what hunters are looking for because they are hunters too.

Im from IL which is considered to be a big buck mecca but I can tell you that the bucks you will see on Wolf Creek properties rival anything that IL can produce.

I had a great hunt for quality deer and was fortunate to arrow the biggest buck of my life on this hunt. Jim and Matt are great guys, they go the extra mile for you, and you will have a fun time hunting thier properties.

I will be back again!"

Tom Golias

Mokena, IL



Hi my names Rich Goetzinger from Maryland. I have been hunting with WCW for many years now.  I have had the privilege of hunting a few other states, with outfitters.  I write this based of my experiences, what I like about WCW compared to places I have been. I have never run into a poacher or trespasser and have hunted a lot of their farms.  I bring my kids and wife here, I feel completely  safe bringing them . The lodge is just awesome with most rooms having private showers. They also have internet at lodge and cell service on most properties. With running a business this is very helpful when I’m away. The people in the town are very friendly and everything seems to always be just a stone’s throw away. I love how the town reacts when you kill a deer, everyone's happy for you. They have a large car wash and laundry mat 3 min away from the lodge. When dealing with rain and mud this is always a great benefit. I do bring a climber stand but truth is most guys get it done out of their stands.  They want your feedback daily while hunting so they can work with you on where to move you on the property if the help is needed. They really do work hard for you, way harder than you may expect on a semi guided hunt.  Semi guided at WCW basically means you have to make sure you wake up in the morning. In my opinion this is not a semi guided hunt, but is priced as one, which is good for us hunters.  I like the liberty they give you while hunting this allows me to make adjustments and play my part as a hunter in outsmarting a mature buck. They also have gas, food, deer processing, and an insane great taxidermist that can ship your mount back to you all right in town.  All their properties are close and you’re not driving far to get in the woods each morning, it’s all local. I will hunt with WCW every year, its priced right and 6 hours from MD.

Rich Goetzinger

 WolfCreek Whitetails was the best hunt I have ever been on!  Where Matt put me was the perfect spot, I saw 33 bucks in 4 days, Wow!  On day 4 my arrow found its mark and I put my tag on the biggest buck of my life!


Thanks Matt for a wonderful hunt. 

Ed Myers

"My hunt with Matt was the most exciting deer hunt I have ever been on. Seeing mature whitetails and knowing that a Monster Buck might be in my lap at any moment was truly awesome!

Fritz, PA

(570) 954-1415

My hunt at Wolf Creek Whitetails was one of the most exciting hunts I have ever been on. I saw many large bucks and even passed up a few that were bigger than any buck I had ever shot. Matt had a ton of trail camera pictures that proved if patient and selective I was going to have a chance at a big buck and I did. I was lucky enough to harvest a beautiful 10 point. I even had a 150"+ buck in range but he never offered me a clear shot. Matt are great guys, that have great accomadations and beautiful hunting areas. I had awesome encounters that have me excited to go again this year. It was a great trip that i will never forget and i would recommend it to anyone.
 Josh Dean PA



 Thanks so much for a thrilling time in Ohio . I’ve never seen so many bucks, and so many big boys running around. But like anything else all we needed was a little luck. 5 or 10 yards one way or another would have put all of us in line for a shot. But that’s hunting, it was a great experience. I’m already looking forward to next year.. Thanks again to both yourself and Matt. And don’t forget Homer, I hope we can get some blood on that 4 wheeler next year.

Best of luck.

Matt P, Max and Chris. New York